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SJnnjersitp of Bout Carolina 

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John Thomas of the Telenet Baptist Church. 
and Soma of his Descendants. 

Eosearoh made and gpmealogy 
compiled by Marybolle Deiasar, 
Rale-igi, North Carolina, 1943. 




John Thomas of the Toisnot Baptist Churoh in Edgeoorabe (now Mlson 
County, llorth Carolina, and somo of his deaeondants. 

1 - JOHN THCMAS, was born in Virginia, and married the re Christinalor 
Roberts. Tha family oame to North Carolina before Fcvember 16, 1747, 
whan John Thomas purchased of William Cotton 2S0 acres on the east side 
of Toienot Swamp Creek in Sdgecombe County (Edgecombe County records in 
the Halifax County Courthouse. Deed Book 3, p 172). This was toe first 
of a number of tracts of land that he acquired on Toisnot Swamp, Buckhorn 
Branch, £.nd neighborhood, for soma of which he made deeds of gift to his 
two oldest sons, John and Jonathan, on September 24, 1759. In the deed 
to Jonathan for 200 acres on the north side of Toisnot Swamp he excepted 
ono acre for the use of the meeting house, "where the meeting house now 
stands". (Edgecombe County Deed Book 0, pp 34/45). 

fihen Morgan Sdwards made his tour of North Carolina in 1772/3 to 
gather material for a history of the Baptist Churoh, he said of the Tois- 
not Churoh and of John Thomas and his family in part as follows: 

"They originated from the general baptist. Tha names of them who 
first declared for the particular soheme are Bar. John Thomas and his 
wife, Moses Baker and wife, Jonathan Thomas and wife, Sarah Hickman, 
Obedience Thomas; tl» 14 were constituted on the particular plan Sep. 7, 
1758. The first minister is the present Rev. John Thomas, a native of 
Virginias Bred a churchman. Embraced the sentinients of the Baptist in 
1748 I had the ordinanoe administered to him by Rev. Josiah Hart. 
Ordained by Per. mess. George Graham i John Bore, at which time ha 
took on him tho care of the chh. His wife is Christiana Roberts by whom 
he has children, John, Jonathan, Obedience, Theophilus, Millicont, Teresa j 
married into the Yillian Hilliard, Rogers, and Hill families and have 
raised 22 grand children. " ( Tour of Morgan Rewards of 'Pennsylvania to 
tho American Baptists in North Carolina in 1772-73, edited by G. If. Pas- 
chal, and published in The North Carolina Historical Review, Vol. VII, 
No. 3, July, 1930). 

The church was "constituted under tho particular plan" on Septem- 
ber 7, 1758, and was licensed under the Tolerance Act by the September 
Court 1759, when the minutes show that "On Petition of Jn° Thomas .' others 
of the Profession of Ana Baptist for Lycenoing the Keating House built by 
the Society on the s* Thomas Land near Jonathan Thomas's- Ordered that the 
same be lycenoed." 

After having served tho Toisnot Church for something like thirty 
years, tha Heverend John Thomas, on October 20, 1777, was e looted Moderator 
of the Kehukee Association of which tho Toisnot Church was a member. He 
did not confine himself to church work, however, as he was active in the 
civic affairs of the county. The minutes, over a period of time, show 

that for many years he served as justice of the county court, was on 
commissions for building and repairing bridges, and in divors oth. r ways 
participated in the affairs of the coismunity. 

His will, dated April 21, 1788, was proven in February 1739. His 
legatees were his wife Christinalor, son John, grandson Jonathan son of 
Jonathan, daughter Treaey Hill, granddaughter Millison Horn, and son 
Theophilus Thomas. These correspond to the children as given by Morgan 
Edwards in 1773, except one daughter. Sither Obedience or Millicent must 
have died without issue. 

The date of the death of Christinalor, the widow of the Rev. John 
Thomas, is not known. Since provision had already been made for the dis- 
posal of the property following her death, no will or division of estate 
is to be found for her. 

John and Jonathan Thomas, the two oldest sons of the Rev. John Ihomas, 
were Baptict ministers also. Information of them can be had from histories 
of the Baptists in Horth Carolina, and from the Edgecombe County records. 
This line is traced through the third son, Theophilus. 

2 - THEOPHILUS THOMAS, the third son, and perhaps the fourth or fifth 
child of the Reverend John Thomas and wife Christinalor Roberts, must have 
been born in Virginia and brought to Horth Carolina by his parents when a 
ohild. He probably married shortly before his father made a deed of gift 
to him for 273 acres of land on Sfcbruary 20, 1771 (Edgecombe County Deed 
9f &■ Book D, p 504). His wife was_Mary_„G4bb|e, daughter of Frederick Gibble 
who named his son-in-law Theophilus Thomas in his will dated December 18, 
1780 (Edgecombe County Y.ills at Horth Carolina State Departmsnt of Archives 
and History). 

Theophilus either lived very quietly in ^dgaoombe or resided else- 
where for some years before his marriage. After that, however, he added 
to his holdings of land until he had acquired a sizable estate and gradually 
became active in county affairs. 3y 1779, his father having retired from 
the county court, Theophilus was appointed a justice, and seems to have 
served almost continuously until a few years before his death in 1303. In 
February, 1790, he was appointed sheriff and served one year. 

On account of the Horth Carolina Revolutionary Accounts being so 
unsatisfactory, it has not been possible to find wliat part he played in 
the conflict. There are records of several payments having been made to 
Theophilus Thomas. Also in the collection of Comptrollers Vouchers covering 
Revolutionary service and supplies there are several canceled vouchers for 
him. He is shown in the 1790 census of Sdgeoombe with three males over 
sixteen, five males under sixteen, five females and twenty-one slaves. 

The will of Theophilus Thomas was made on June 25, 1803, and probated 
in November 1803, while that of his widow Mary (Sibbae*) Thomas was made on 

(♦Since this genealogy was compiled, the M"ble records of 
this family have "been secured, and are attached) 

January 18, 1310, and probated in May 1810. Proa these two -wills it 
is found that Theophilus and Mary had the following ohildren: 

Obedience, m A ■ -'- ■<?' \ .^ rownrigg 

Millicent, m "" ^ason 



Teresa, ra Snos Tart 

Tabitha, la $} >*'w > Simms 

John « 


Elisabeth, m ______ Cobb 


3 - ICHABOD THOMAS, the third child of Theophilus Thomas and -wife 
Mary Gibble, wa6 bora about 1774, in Edgecombe County, and married in that 
county between November 23, 1799 and Deo* 1, 1800, Susannah Barnes, daughter 
of Archelaus Barnes and wife Margaret ( p eggy). The marriage bond carries 
no dato except 1799, but can be narrowed down to the last few weake of the 
year as it is made to Governor Benjamin VilHnros who did not taks office 
until November 23, 1799. 

Archelaus Barnes named both his daughter Susannah (Suckle) Thomas and 
his son-in-law Ichabod Thomas in his will dated February 4, 1807, proven 
Court 1807. Peggy Barnes, widow of Archelaua and mother of Susannah, 
waned Susannah Thomas a legatee and lohabod Thomas an executor in her will 
dated March 2, 1816, and proven August 1016. (Edgecombe County 7 'ills with 
the North Carolina State Departmsnt of Archives and History). 

Like his father and grandfather before him, Ichabod Thomas was active 
in county affairs. He was elected justice, seemingly to succeed his 
father, shortly after the latter died, and he served at least through 1317, 
from which date the search for thia service has not been made. 

.ie died in January, 1828. A Special Term of the Edgecombe County 
oourt was called for January 25th of that year when it was stated that 
lohabod Thomas was dead intestate, and that tie situation of his estate 
required the immediate care of some discreet parson. The Court than ap- 
pointed i ade R. Thomas special administrator, and at the February term, 1328, 
appointed him administrator. Ke gave a bond of £10,000.00 with Archilas 8. 
Thomas and Thomas Amason, securities. The division of tho estate was made 
on November 6, 1829 and recorded in Sdgecombe County Deed Book 19, p 437. 
The following were the heirs; 

Lot 1 drawn by Bennett Thomas 

Lot 2 n Morrison Thoxaaa 

Lot 3 " " L'dwin 3. Thomas 

Lot 4 " Margaret Thomas 

Lot 5 B n James Thomas 

Lot 6 " Temperance Prioe 

Lot 7 " V.aid E. Thomas 

Lot 8 n " John I. Thomas 

Susannah Thome, the widow of Ichabod Thomas, was still living on 
February 16, 1838, when she sold the whole of the dower in her husband's 
estate and included Lot No, 2 drawn by Morrison Thomas (Sdgecombe County 
Deed 3ook 22, p 46) . Nothing more is to be had of hor from the Edgecombe 
records. Her children had begun to go to Sumpter County, Alabama, several 
years bofore end by 1338 most of them had left Sdgeeoraba. She, probably, 
selling out to join them in Alabama. 

The following information is had of some of Hm children of Ichabod 
Thomas and wife Susannah Barnes: 

Bennett (given as Bennett ■) was living in Sumter County, Alabama, 
in 1891. (Good speed); 

Worrieon Thomas was bom in HJdgecombe County, April 17, 1802 (Good- 
speed) and married first Sarah Turner, September 16, 1826, and 
second, February 12, 1823, "atienee B» Horn (Sdgacomb© County Carriage 
Bonds). He moved to Sumter County, Alabama, and from there to Grenada 
County, Miss* There are several stretches of members of his family in 
Biographical Memoirs of Mississippi, Vol. 2 (The Goodspeed Publishing 
Company. Chicago. 1891), but in the genealogy it is stated that 
he was the Bon of Thaophilus, instead of the grandson} 

Kdwin B# Thomas was living in Gainesville, Alabama, in 1391, engaged 
in merchandising; 

Kargaret Thomas, married April 26, 1830, Warren 3. Hamas (Edgecombe 
County marrlagB bond), and went to Sumter County, Alabama, whore she 
was living on July 3, 1838, when she and her husband sold her part of 
her father's estate (Sdgecombe County Deed Book 22, p 206). Accord- 
ing to Goodspeed, the family moved to Mississippi in 1650, whew 
Margaret died eighteen years later leaving a large family, two of 
whom, Willie and Margaret, were still living in 1391.: 

James Thomas d;ed in 1867 leaving a wife rud two children, presumably 
in Sumter County (Goodspeed); 

Temperance Thomas married Elijah Price, and was living in Sumter 
County, Alabama, in 1838, when she and hor husband sold her part of 
the estate of her father, Ichabod Thomas (Sdgeoombs County Deed}; 

Vaid R. Thomas died in Meridian, Miss., leaving a wife and two chil- 
dren (Goodspeed); 

John died in Alabama the lattor part of the war and left a w'fe and 
child, botii of whom died a short time later. 

The items from Goodspeed are given only for what they may be worth. 
In tiis publication all the children of Ichabod Thomas are given as children 
of Theophilus, ?nd the middle initial "F" la given in the neme3 of Margaret, 
John, Wade and JacTos. In the division of the estate, Wade is the only name 
in which the initial "r" is used. There are some other differences in init- 
ials of the children between Goodspeed and the division, but no doubt the 
full name of each is known by the descendants. 


Abstracts of Thomas Records 

From: Register of Deeds Office, "Edgecombe Countr curthorse 


3ook 3, p 172 
Nov 16, 1747 

William Cotton of Northampton County and Province of Worth Carolina 
to John Thomas of iSdgacorabs County in sd Province, 

for 20 h current money of Virginia deeds trrot of 260 acres in county of 
3d ecombe on Bast side Toisnot Swamp above Connors land as by patont 
granted to said Cotton dated March 6, 1740 - 3e ginning at a gum A runs 
North - to a pine - to a Pins - to Red Oak on Swamp, thon to beginning. 

»dt. Robt Ruffin, OBborn Jeffreys, John Booker A a mark 

Proved Nov Ct 1747 by Osborn Jeffreys 

From: Office of Register of Deeds Halifax County, North Carolina 

(Notes The Kdgacotabe County deeds prior to 1759 are in the Halifax County 

£°L£t. P l?!» E ^ l8ter <* ***** Office, Edgecombe ™ty 

John Thomas of Edgecombe County 

for Love, good will and affection which I have and bear to 
my well bsloved son John of the same county - - 

Plantation whereon he now lives - on the H side of Tosneot 'iwamp containing 
311 acres - being part of two tracts - beginning at a white oak in Tosneot 
Swamp - then to tlie mouth of Buokhom Branch ~ then up the wator Course to 
the Bead line - to a Maple - to John Stevens corner tree. 

Test: Johnathan Thomas Jn° Thomas (Seal) 

Francis Whitney 

i3arbara Barron 
Aok'd Sept. Court 1759 

Book 0, p 34 
24 Sept. 1759 

John Thomas of Sdgecombe County 

for the Love, good willFd^tf^^l^bign^^M^h,,,! havo and do bear unto 
my well beloved son Jonathan Thomas ortno s'eKSs 1 ** 

The Plantation whereon he now lives - situate lying A being on the North side 
of losnot Swamp containing 200 acres - it being part of two tracts (iibceept 
one acre for the uee of a Meeting House for the Babbles whereon the meeting 
house now stands) - beginning in Tosneot Swamp at a wight oak - to the mouth 
of Buck Horn Branch - A then up the water courses to the head line •» to a 
maple - to a red oak it being the corner. 
Test: John Thomas Jr Jn° Thomas (Seal) 

Francis Vsfitney 

Barnaby Barron 
Ack'd Sept. Court 1769 

?rom: Begister of Deeds Office, Kdgeocmbe bounty Courthouse ^ 


Book 1, p 117 
22 Jan 17G2 

Jaoob Barnes 

to John Thomas - both of £dgsoombo County, Planters 

Consideration 8 lbs Proclamation Money. Tract of land or Plantation con- 
taining 273 acres in Edgecombe on the South side of the White Oak Swamp, as 
by deed to the 3aid Jacob Sarnes dated 23d July 1761 - beginning at a poplar 
on Y*hite Oak « running a South course by a line of marked trees to a pine 
on the back line - then a •west course to John Thomas line - to the corner 
in V'.'hite Oak Swamp - being part of a deed for 640 aeros. 

Testt Barney 3arron Jacob Barnes 

Sdmun Andrews - William Amason 
Proved March Court 1762 by Bamaby Barron 

Book 1, p 437 
24 Jan. 1763 

Jonathan Thomas 

to John Thomas - both of Edgecombe County - - 

5 lbs. Proo. Money. A certain tract of land containing 150 acres in Bdgo- 
combe - as by deed granted to Jonathan Thomas bearing date Jan 1st 1762 - 
beginning at a Maple in Buck Branch and so up the water courses to the 
head line • then along said line to a frum in a Branch boing a corner - to 
Stevens line - by John Thomas line to the first station - being part of a 
Deed for 460 acres. 

Jonathan Thomas (Seal) 
Testt Theophilus Thomas 

Chris tonal or Thomas 

John Thomas Senr 
Proved Jan. Court 1763 by oath of John Thomas S@nr« 

Book D, t> 304 
Feb 20, 1771 

John Thomas of bJdgecorabe County 

Deed of Gift to son Theophilus Thomas - - 

Land on the South side of White Oak Swamp which I bought of Jacob Barnes 
Jan 22, 1762 - by estimation 273 acres. 

Test: James x Amason JnP Thomas (Seal) 

Elisabeth x Daniel 
Feb. Term 1771 

^rom: Register of Deeds Offioe, Edgecombe County Courthouse 


Book 2, p 8 
4th Sent. 1772 

Jamas Barnes i Elisabeth hie wife 

to ThoopMlus Thomas - of tho county of Edgecombe and Province of 

North Carolina - •» 

34 lbs. 10 shil. prook. money. A certain tract of land which my father 
gave me - being part of a patent to John Wiggins and part of a grant to 
Jacob Barnes, it being all that remains that wo did not sell to James Brown 
on the South side of the White Oak Swamp containing 1^0 acres - beginning 
on the said Thoophilus Thomas line on the Meadow Branch - down said branch 
to Wiggins Branch - to White Oak S-amp. 

Tests Jn n Thomas Senr James 3arnes (Seal) 

John Edmundson her 

Benjamin Amason Elizabeth x 3arn98 (Seal) 

Ack'd Nov. Court 1772 mark 

Book 3, p 402 
Deo 16, 1778 

John Thomas of Edgecombe County 

Deed of Gift to son Theophilus Thomas - - 

Land whereon I now live - being on the East side of Tosnofc Swamp and South 
Side of nMteo&k Swamp near Connors line - bearing date SDH day of March 

Tests Malachi (H) Brantley j n o Thomas 

John I Thomas 
Feb. Court 1779 

(Notes Does not say whether a grant or to whom) 

Book S, p 23S 
26 Doc. 1732 

Nicholas Thorn of Edgecombe County 

to Theophilus Thomas of same county - - 

40 lbs. Tract of land in Edgecombe containing 200 acres - on tho West side 
of Wiggins Branoh beginning at the mouth of the I'eadow Branch said Thomas 
own line - up Wiggins Branch to a small branch the dividing line between Ann 
3rown i Kicholae Thorn (it being part of a tract of land deeded by Jaoob 
Barnes Senr deo'd) - to the back line. 

Tests Vdlliarn Rogers 
Benj. Brand 

Robert x Rogers 
Proved Feb. Court 1783 by Robert Rogers 


Fr«M Register of Deeds Office, Sdgeoomb© County Courthouse 


Book E, p 246 
27th Fob. 1783 

Henry Hart, Sheriff of Edgecombe 
to Theophilus Thomas - - 

Tract of land belonging to and •whereon James Mason then lived - beginning 
at a lightwood tree in Absalom Barnes old line & the aforesaid Theophilus 
Thomas new corner - to a corner pine - to a pine in an old false lino - 
containing 640 aores - beln/ a tract granted to Janes Amacon 28th Oct. 1732. 

Ack'd Feb. Court 1783 

Book E, p 270 
1st March 1783 

John Thomas, late of the county of Edgecombe and State of North Carolina 
to Jacob Horn of same county - - 

280 lbs current money of Virginia. Traot of land containing 451 acres lying 
on the ITorth side of To snoot Swamp - beginning at the mouth of Buck Branch 
an ash or maple - tlwn up the branch the water courses to Jonathan Thomas 
head line - to a gum - it being a dividing line between said Jonathan & John 
Thomas - to Stephens line - down sd line to Tosneot Swamp. 

TeBt! Hardy Harris John Thomas Jun r 

Joel Horn 

Vqu Harris 
Proved May Court 1733 by Joel Horn 

Book B # p 253 
Feb 18, 1733 

John Thomas of Edgacorab© County 

Deed of Gift to son Theophilus Thomas - - 

Tract of land on the Gum Pond - beginning at a black oak where Jonas Barnes 
now lives - to a hickory where Lenard Langston now lives - James Amasons line 
Absalom Barnes old corner - 490 acres - bearing date 1779. 

Tests Thomas Vevrott John Thomas 

.Hi am Amason 
Ffcb Court 1733 


Selected Items from the Sdgscombe County Court Minutes 


Aug. 1757 - Jn° Thomas - Justice 

June 1758 - Jn© Thomas - Jugtice 

or.. 1759 - On Petition of Jn° Thomas * others of the *>rof-Jssion of Ana Bap- 
tist for licencing the Meeting House built by the Society on 
the ed Thomas Land near Jonathan Thomas's » Ordered that the 
same be lycenoed. 


Fep. "17^1 - Johnatiian Thomas a won Conformist Preacher produced an Ordina- 
tion in writing signed by George Graham and John Moore the 
Pastures of the Baptists ordaining ft anpointing him to preach 
aocording to the Tenets of that Church. 

Apr. 1763 - John Thomas Jun r - juror 


Oct. VFS& - John Thomas, et al, appointod to let the upjor bridge on Town 
Crook at T. rights i- the lower Bridge on Tosneot. 

John Thomas commissioned Justice, and qualified. 

&ay, 17o3 - Ordered that John Thomas -.sq, John Thorns junr ft Jonathan Thomas 
be Conmis doners to let the repair of tins Bridge on Tosneot at 

'■■'■ i lliam lodv-'ins . 

John Thomas qualified as Justice 

Aug* 17SS - John Thomas Bsq - Justice 

May, 1770 - John Thomas, 2sq, Lia/ristrate appointed to take- the Lists of 
Taxable a for the ensuing year. 

Kay, 1771 - John Thomas, Magistrate app'd to take the List of Taxable s in 
District No. S. 

Veb. 1772 - John Thomas Esq one of the Gentlemen named in the Coranission of 
Peace for this oounty appeared and qualified. 

May, 1772 - Theophilus Thomas - juror 

John Thomas -Ssq app'd to take liet of Taxables in Dist. No, 3 


Nov. 1772 - Jn<> Thomas iisq-f - Justice 

i'ab. 1773 - John Thomas qualified as Justice 

July 1774 - John Thomas Ssq ft John Thomas are app'd Commission-ars for letting 
the Bldg a Bridge over Toeneot at William Godwins 

John Thomas Ssq - Justice 



Apr. 1775 - The la.;t will A testament of Jcxaathan Thomas dec'd exhibited 
by the 3xrs the rain named Mary Thomas and John Thomas junr & 
was proved by the oath of Tbsophllus Thomas A .ilisha Spive. 

Oct. 1775 - John Thomas '"-so, - Justice 

Fab. 1779 - Deed of "ift from John Thomas to Theophilus Thomas proved by 
Mallohi 3rantlay. 

Hov. 1779 - Theophilus Thomas l»q - Justice 

Feb. 1730 - Theophilus Thomas Bgq - Justice 

May, 1780 - Theophilus Thomas Beq - Justice 

The following persons are app'd Assessors ft Collectors for this 
year - also Justices to receive the lists ft Constables to warn 
the Inhabitants - vis- 
Thomas Mercer - Collector in Cant Stringers District 
Jool Horn " in Capt Deloaohs District 

Theophilue Thomas 3sq ) 

■ Collector) in Capt Amasons District 
Theophilus Thonas Esq ) 
Bobert Thomas- Collector) in Capt Jordans District 

Fob. 1782 - Theophilus Thomas isq - Justice 

. 1733 - Grant to John Thomas Senr proven. 

Deed of Gift from John Thomas to Theophilus Thome s proved by 
Thomas Vive ret. 

Aug. 1783 - Theophilus Thomas ^sq - Justice 

Note: (Theophilus Thomas is shown to have served continuously as 

Justice through November 1797). 


Nov. 1803 - The last will ft testament of Theophilus Thomas dec'd proved by 
Charles H. Pickering, Willie daraes ft Eli Amason - ft Iohabod 
Thomas <*. I»ica^ah Thomas the two executors therein named quali- 
fied - ordered to soil all the articles mentioned' in the will 
of the eaid deceased. 

Ichabod ThoTa&.s leq - Justice 
ilo'v. i-'iJ4* - Ichabod Thomas, et el, a?p'd to divide the personal estate of 

Jonathan Thomas doo'd. 
Fob. 1306 - Coars app'd to divide the residuary estate of I-iary Therms, deo'd. 




|for» 1307 - Ichabod Thomas Ssq - Justice 

Feb* 1310 - Ichabod Thomas ^sq - Justice 


Aug* 1313 - Ichabod Thomas, John Thomas, at al, app'd to audit & cattle the 
BOOts of the Bxrs of Jaraes Barms, dec'd. 


Fob. 1314 - Theophilus Thomas is app'd Constable in Capfc. Amaeons District. 

May, 1814 - Ichabod Thomas "isq - Justice 

Aug. 1315 - Ichabod Thomas ^sq - Justice 


I?ov. 1317 - lohabod Thomas Ssq - Justice 


■— ■■■H H i 111' ■!■ — 3 

Special Court held 
25th Jan. 1326 

It appearing to the Court that Ichabod Thomas late of the county aforesaid 
is dead & that he died intestate 6 that the situation of hie estate requires 

ate care of sons discreet persons - the Court granted Special 
Letters of Administration on tho said estate to 'lade R. Thomas- Ordered to 
soil part of the Horses Cattle Hogs & Sheep on credit of six months, 

:. 1826 - Ordered that Vi&de R. Thomas (who was heretofore ap minted 

Special Administrator of lohabod Thomas) bo appointed admr of 
the estate - bond of $10,000 with Archilas 0. Thomas m Thomas 
Amason securities 

From? Sdgecombe County Marks and Srands 1732-1309 
February 21, 1750 

John Thomas records his mark 

The above items are from the BdgBOomba County records at tho North Carolina 
State Department of Archives and History. 



In the Nome of God Amen 

I John Thomas of Edgecombe County being in perfect health & disposing 
memory thanks be to god for the same and do maks I ordain this to be my 
Last will A testament in manner A form following that is to say First ft 
principally 1 bequeath my soul into the hands of almighty god hoping for 
Remission of all my sins thro the merits of my blessed Saviour Jesus Christ 
A my body I Commit to the Sarth to be buried in a Christian Like manner at 
the discression of my Executors hereafter nam. A as touching my Worldly 
Estate which it hath ^leased god to bless me with I Give A disoose in 
manner * form following to wit, — - 

Item I Land to my dearly beloved wife Christinalor Thomas all my estate 
for_kor support out of it during her Natural Life the same I Leave in Gear 

Care A sea that she shall be supported out of it her Life A after bar death- — 

of/*"Th§ophilus Thomas «tt>-*#-«y-B«s» i Jacob Horn as an over Looker to take 

Item- I give to my son John Thomas Five Pounds bo sides what I have already 
Given him to him A his heirs for Ever 

Item- I give to my granson Jonathan Thomas son of Jonathan Thomas Five 
pounds besides what I have already given his Father to him ?■ his heirs for 
Eve r — - 

Item I Give to my Daughter Treasey Hill Five poiwds besides what I have 
already given tor to her & her heirs for Sver 

Item I Give to my gran Daughter Millison Horn one Negroe wench nam. Mary 
to her * her heirs for Ever— 

Item I Give to my son Theophilus Thomas one Ilegroe man Call. George A one 
negroe man Call. Jim one Negroe woman Call? Cloe 1 !ier Children Jacob & 
Miles <* one Negroe woman Call? Kachel A her Child Bnouch I one negroe boy 
Call? Jim ft my still Cap A worm A all the Rest of my Estate whatever to him 
A his heirs for Ever 

I do ho re by Leave my son Theophilus Thomas ft Jacob Horn Bxscmton to my 
will t do hereby make this my Last will A Testament making Void all other 
wills by me before made A do declare this to be my Last will and testament 
in witness wherein I have hereunto eat my hand f- soal this 21®t Day of 
April 1788 

In Presents of us 
£11 /mason x 
■William itaason 
Manoak Amason 


John Thomas 0'<ax Seal) 

idgecombe County, 
Feb/ Court 1789 

The TKithin ^ill was duly proved in open Court by the oaths of EM Amason A 

V'illiam iimason- Theophilus Thomas Qualified as exor. 
be Recorded 

Book 119 3?. 80 Test Bdw* 1 Ball 

T. Thomas qualified 

the Hill ordered to 

C C 


Yn'ill of John Thomas - cont'd 

From» T.. C. State Department of Archives! end History 
Edgecombe County Mils 1753-1830- Vol, IX, e 78 



In the Name of God Amen I Frederick Gibble of -idgecomb County in th© 
State of North Carolina baing At this time in a low State of health but 
God be praised of Sound and Disposing mind and memory but calling to Mind 
that it is appointed for all men onoe to die do make And ordain this my 
last will and Testement in the follow Following manner, first and Princi- 
pally I Recomend my Soul into the hands of God who gave it hoping for 
Salvation Through the morrits and mediation of Christ my Savious And 
Redeemer and my 3ody to be 3uried in a Christian And Desent like manner, 
and as to what worldly goods it Hath pleased Almighty God to Bestow on 
me in this life I Dispose of in the following manner, my will and desire 
Is that all my Just debts and Legacoies be paid as Soon as They can be 
done Conveniently — - 

I turn- I give and bequeath to my Son in law Theophilus Thomas One Shilling 
Sterling money of Great Britain 

Itum 1 give and bequeath to my Brother in Law John Thomas My Negro fellow 
called Badus my negro follow celled Samson My Begro fellow called lewis my 
negro wench called Juda My negro wench called Roda my tfagro wench oalled 
Bet My negro gairl oalled Jenney My negro fellow called Jack My negro wench 
called Tamer and her Child if ary one And my bearing Apparil to him and 
his heirs forever 

Itum- I give and Bequeath to my Cousin Fredarick Gibble Thomas my nogro 
gairl oalled Beda to him and his hsirs forever 

Itum I givo and Bequeath to my Sister in law -'atienoe Thomas My negro 
wench called Gloah my nogro gairl called Clo my negro Boy called Bristown 
my negro follow called Solomon my Mair called flurry and hor Colt to She 
and her heirs forever 

Itum I give to my two Cousins Roberts Thomas and John Thomas All my inter- 
est I left in the oar© of Robert Rattles and Frances Spiv© excepting on© 
Bed at Spivies I give to My Sister in law Patience Thomas, to be Equally 
divided Between them, to them and their heirs forever 

Itum I give and Bequeath to my Sitter in law Patience Thomas tty Bod bol- 
ster Pi ll«f» and pillow bee Two Sheets I left in the care of Timothy Durgin 
to She and her heirs forever 

Itum I givo and Bequeath to my Brother in law John Thomas the Residue of 
my whole Estate Both Real and Personal Which I have not already given in 
this instrument of fritting to him and his heirs forever 

and last of all I do hereby Nominate and Appoint my Bo loved friend John 
Thomas JT My Brother in law my Kxecutor to this my last will and Testament 
Revoking all other wills that are by me made At any other time.— Sealed 
Published and Declared by me Frederick Gibble My last will and Testament 
this Nineteenth Day cf Deoomber Anno Domini 1730 

Test Jesse Pitman 
V.illiam Morris 
Joseph Barnes 

'rederick Gibble (Seal) 



till of Fredoriok Gibble - cont'd 

£dg80omb© County August Court 1781 

The within will was produced and proved in open court by the oaths 
of Jesse Pitman "HHam Morriss and Joseph Barnes The Executors therein 
naaod wore at the earae time qualified and tho will ordered to be re- 


Edward Hall c o 

Front N, C. State Department of Archives and History 
Hdgpoonba County Y»ills 1753-1830- Vol. V, p 2 


From: Register of Deeds Office, ^dgeoorabe County Courthouse 

(--bs treats) 

Book 3, o 233 
Dec 26, 1782 

Hicholae x Thorn 

to Theophilus Thomas - - 

Consideration 40 Lbe. 200 acres on the West side of Wiggins 3ranoh - 
beginning at the mouth of the Meadow branch said Thomas's lino - to the 
dividing line between Ann Brown3 and Hioholas Thorn • it being part of a 
tract of land deeded by Jacob Barnes. 

Testt William Hogers 
Benj Brand 
»bert x P.ogers 
Feb Court 1733 

Book 5, r> 198 

6th day of 1789 

Know all Men by those presents that we the subocribers Do hereby acknowledge 
curse Ives fully satisfied with division made of Lennard Langstons -state 
and Do by the Commissioners appointed by dd go combe Court (to wit) Theophilus 
Thomas, James Stanton, William Amason, Jaraos Barnes £ Slia Mason A we Do 
to re by freely and clearly acquit and Dir.chargo each other of any claim 
either by V; ill or Heirship and by these presents do acknowledge ourselves 
to be Co-equal Heirs in every respect ft do hereby give up all claims only 
as equal Heirs in every respect. 

Teett James x Barnes Isaao x Lang6ton (Seal) 

Sli Amason Needham Ward (Seal) 

James Stanton Theophilus Thomas as fSeal) 

William Amason Gardeen to Luke Bolton 

Witness: Joseph Cocks 

Proved Aug Court 1789 by oath of Joseph Cooks 

Book 9, p 158 

Theophilus Thomas of the county of 

Deed of Gift to eon Ichabod Thomas of same county - - 

Land on tiie South side of White Oak Swamp and £ast eida of Tosnot Swamp - 
upper Boaver dam - to the mouth of the Hiery Branch - 530 acres* 

tests Theops Thomas 

(Failed to take date) 
Acknowledged Fob. Court 1799 




From: Register of Deeds Office, Edgecombe County Courthouse 

(7 bs tracts) 

Book 9, p 407 
Nov 22, 1799 

Theophilus Thomas 

Deed of Gift to son in lew Snos Tart • both of Sdgacombe County - - 

Tract of lend on the Wevt side of Tosnot ftiwsmn joining Ms own land - begin- 
ning at the dividing line hetwaon himsolf and James and Thorns 'Part - up 
the swamp to the dividing line between him and his aunt Elisabeth Walton - 
to the baok line called the ?urchae °atton line - to the dividing line 
between said 3nos Tart and the heirs of iSlnathan Tart - except that part of 
the land that is within my daughter Milioent Bsons dower. 

Book 9, p 417 
Nov 22, 1799 

Theophilus Thomas 

Deed of Gift to two grandsons James • Thomas Tart - « 

Land on West side of Tosnot Swamp. 

Teste John Bason. 
Knos Tart 

Book B, p 222 
28th Oct 1782 

Grant to John Thomas, Senr. 490 aores - beginning at a black oak in James 
3arnes new line - South 152 poles to a hiokory in Leonard Langstons new 
line - Janes Amanons new line - Absalom Barnes line - Georgs Bruces line. 

fleb. Court 1733 

Book 13, p 144 
Dee 28, 1307 

Ichabod Thomas, Suraoutor of Archelaus Barnes doo'd 

to Garret Knight - both of Bdgecombs County « - 

Tract of land on the fork of White Oak Swsmp - loo aores patented June 20, 
1745, by Jacob Barnes. Also another tract adjoining the above beginning 
Cays corner near on White Oak Swamp - James Barnes line - Jethro Barnes line 
360 acres being all the remainder of a larger tract grantacl to Jacob Barnes 
Dec 12, 1760, over and above what was conveyed out of said tract by Jacob 
Barnes to Henry Gay & by Charles March-ient to Stephen Barnes by estimation 
37 aores. 

i'oeti £nos Tartt 

Josiah Barnes 
Aug Court 1809 


State of North Carolina 
Edgecombe County 

In the name of God Amen — 

I Theophilus Thomas of the Above County end, Calling to mind, the Certainty 
of death and the Shortness of life, in Order to Settle ray worldly affairs, 
do make and appoint this to be my Last will and testament, in manner and 
form following- (to Wit) 

Item, first It is my will and Dosira that all my lawful debts be paid, 
and for which Purpose I leave a tract or "arcel of l^.nd on both Sides of 
the road leading from Tarborough to Godwins Bridge, on the head of the 
Beaverdam Branch, Joining Snos Tarts line, with one Wegro woman by the 
name of Loose, and if that should not bo Sufficient, my Desire is that my 
Executors Shall Sell as much of my Stock of Cattle Hoggs and Sheep, as 
Shall be Sufficient, at "'ublick or private Sale as they Shall think will 
answer the best to Settle my debts. 

Item I Give and bequeath unto my four Daughters Obedience Brownrlgg, Mil- 
lisent Eason, Treasey Tart & Tabitha Simms, five Shillings 3o sides what I 
have given them Before, (which they have now in thoir Own ^ossion) to them 
and their heirs for ever- — 

Item I Give and bequeath unto my son Ichabod Thomas two no grows, a negro 
woman by the name of Rachel t; a 3oy by the name of Jacob, besides what I 
have given him before, to him and his Hairs for ever 

Item I Give and bequeath unto my Son 3enjamin Thomas, One negro nam'd 
Jerry besides what I have already given him and he hath it in his own 
Possion to him and his heirs forever— 

ll9St Theooh 8 Thomas (Seal) 

C. H. p ickering 
Willie Barnes 

Item I Give and bequeath unto my Son Llicajah Thomas my Plantation lying 
on the Road which leads from Tar bo rough to Stantons Bridge on Contentnoa, 
with Six hundred and forty Acres belonging to Said plantation w5th all my 
land from white Oak Swamp to my back line on a branch of little Contontnea 
Creek, except a Hew entry Joining Thomas Veils 's line I Also give unto my 
said Son Micajah Thomas three Hegroe boys Snoch Bryan r Charles and One 
negro nan name George One young Sorrell mare, bridle & Sadie, One Cow and 
Calf t One heifer, three BNms - 7 ' lambs, four Sews And Piggs Call'd his Own, 
I Also give my Said Son One feather Bid and Bedstead and firniture, and 
One Chest Call'd his Own Also Smooth Bor'd Gun Call'd his Own, One large 
•'ewter dish One Large "ewter Bason Six new Pewter Plates, One large Brass 
Candle Stick, One Bar re 11 of Brandy Call'd his Own 

'-•"- Theooh 3 Thomas (Seal) 

C. H. Pickering 

Willie Barnes 

31i Amason 


7 > 

I Also give to my Son Micajah Thomas my Law Book Call'd "Iderls Pevisal 
wjth all tho acts of Assembly, Also my whip Saw, my Jointer Stock Jaok ft 
Smoothing plain, with all my plain Irons, my Large hand Vioe, my will is 
that my son ISicajah Thomas, shall be of age to Act for himself at the age 
of eighteen in the Samo mannor as if he was twenty one "fears old, I give 
him three Sating Chairs, I give my Swid son a Small Stewpot of mist mettle 
one Small Jointers Saw and a pair of Iron Traises, All this 1 Give to him 
and his heirs forever. 

?98t TheophS Thomas (Seal) 

C H Pickering 
Viillie Barnes 
Sli Amason 

Item I Give and bequeath unto my Son John Thomas, my plantation vdiich I 
Bought of James Barnes, lying on the South Side of white Oak Swamp with tho 
Land adjoining to the Said Plantation as follows? fegining at the Hun of 
white Oak Swamp at the ford which I made to go through to James Barnes's 
mill, at an Oak and maple then a btrait Course through my Cornfield to a 
large Pins which I mark'd, Out side of my new ground, thonoe a Strai$it 
Course to and Old ^orf pit, on the Side of the Road t!iat goes along by my 
plantation thonoe Along the said Road as far as where my line and John 
Amasons Corners, on the Side of the Road then down tho said Line to a Small 
Branch, the Line betweon s d Amason and myself, 

„ „ _. . . Theoph* Thomas (Seal) 

C, H, PicKenng 

< illio Barnes 

31i Amason 

Then Along tho said branch to the Big branch thenco along the water Courses 
of s. Bruaoh to White Oak Swamp thence down the water Courses of s. Swamp 
to tho first Station with a new entry of Land Joining, Thomas Wells's Line 
t- David Tftoodards Line, I Also give to my Said Son four Negros David, Sam, 
Biligh * Lydda, One filly Call'd the Black and all Slack, & a black 
Walnut/ r^fWll pine Chest ft one Barrell of Brandy Call'd his Own One Cow 
and Calf & one heifer, three 8w©s and Lambs a Large Brass Candle Stick, 
three Setting Chairs One Saddle and Bridle two Sows and piggs. Alls© my 
will and Dosire is that ray 6$ Son John Thomas Shall be free to aot ■*• Do 
for himaelf at the age of Eighteen I Give unto ray Said Son my Saddle Baggs 
ft Lock and Key Belonging to it ft a Snail Sett of fire Doggs, my Cross Cut Saw 
ft a Small Iron Skillit, all this I Give to him and his heirs forever— 

Tost Theop 8 Thomas (Soal) 

C. H. Pickering 
ttillie Barnes 
11 iimason 

Item I Give and bequeath to my Son Theophilus Thomas All ray Land on the 
east Sid© of Road, as far as the wolf Pit and along with a Lino before 2200- 
tion'd to my Son John Except One Cornfield Joining the Swamp and the Road, 



I Give also unto my Said Son throe nogros Old Jamos Robert and Hannah One 
Sorroll filly Call'd the farmer two Sows and piggs One Cow and Calf & one 
heifer three ewes and Lambs One Bridle and Saddle Also One feather Bed and 
firniture ft Bedsead my Shott molds ft Ladle to raelt Lead, a book Called the 
Young mans Companion and my will is if either of my Youngest Sons Should 
die. before they marry or Come to Lawful Age, then the Others Shall have the 
Deo? Property Except, in Case my son John or Theophilus either of thorn 
Should die before they marry or Come of Lawful ago, then the Other Shall 
have all the Dec? Land And the Fe6t of their property to be divided among 
the Other two Youngest Sons, to them and their heirs forever All the above 
mention'd property I Give to my Son Theophilus Thomas and his heirs forever— 

T0 ^ « n . , • Thoop 8 Thomas (Seal) 

C. H. Pickering 

Willie Barnes 

Eli Amason 

Item I Give and bequeath to my Daughter Elizabeth Thomas two negro Girls 
One named Cherry and the other Phaba a feather Bed, Bedstead I Firniture and 
a Sett of Certains And one Chest of Drawers, a Saddle and Bridl© to her and 
her heirs for ever.—— 

Item I Give and Bequeath to my Daughter Nancy Thomas two negroes by the 
nam© of Tamer ft Little Ned, One feather Bad Bedstad and Firniture ft On© 
Sett of Certains a bridle and Saddle ft On© Black Walnut Desk, I Also Leave 
my negro man Young James to bo hired Out for the Support of my Youngest two 
Daughters Elizabeth and Nancy Thomas till either of them marry's or Com© to 
the age of Eighteen And it is my will and Desire If either of them die before 
they marry, Or Com© to the age of eighteen then the Other Shall be Intitled 
to all the Doc. Property 

Test Theop 8 Thomas (Seal) 

C H Pickering 
Tiilli© Barnes 
Eli Amason 

And it is my will and Desire, that when Either of them Shall marry or my 
Daughter Elizabeth Shall Come to the age of Eighteen then the said James to 
be Sold and Equally divided betr;een Elizabeth ft nancy Thomas, my will and 
Desire is that when my debts is paid and the Legacies already Given, and 
what I intend to Give to my Wife of Cattle and Sheep then the Rest to be 
Sold and the money to be equally Divided between my two Youngest Daughters 
to them and thoir heirs forever 

And my will is that what I Given them of houshold firniture Shall not be sold 
but kept for them tell they Shall marry, or Come of age to Receive their 
Property, which I have Given to them and their heirs forovar 

^n* ti n * . • TheopS Thomas (Seal) 

C. H. Pickering ' 

Willie Barnes 

-Six Amason 


JL * 


Item I Give and bequeath to my Loving Wiffc Mary Thomas On© Negro Girl 
Named Clary To her own use an liennsfit forever I Also Give to ray Vtife a 
Feather Bed Bed Sted and Firniture and One Sett of Certains Four Cows and 
Calves ten head of Sheep my flock of Geese ay Sorrel mare Blosson five Sows 
and "Iggs, ten toad of two Year old hogge and the ti»o Jest bosf Cattle in 
my Stock Except my Yoke of Oxen to her Own use # Bennefit forever— 

Item I now lend unto my said Hi* two negroes by the names of ned and 
Dinah Mth the Plantation which 1 now live on With all the land on the West 

Side of the Eoad from white Oak Swamp Up to my Son Liioajah Thomas's Line 
Near the Gaulberry r, oooson, One Cornfield On the east Sid© of the Eoad Join- 
ing on the Swamp and the Road Also my Still, Gap and worm but she shall not 
be moved 

Test Theops Thomas (Soal) 

C. II. Pickering 
Willie Barnes 
Sli Amason 

off tho plantation where She now Stands By no person whatever tell my Young- 
est Son Comes of Age to take it in his Possession) One Larg pins Chest one 
.ir&uphat Two pine Tables a Large Spice morter On© Brass Skillet and five of 
the best Chairs in tho house my hunting Gun and Blacksmiths tools two Large 
Iron Pot Hacks arid two Irom Bearers And After the death of my wife I Give the 
Aboveraentioned Articles to my son Theophilus Thomas to him and his heirs 
forever— and my yoke of Oxen ftC 

Item I now land unto my Wife all my household and kitchen. Firniture Con- 
sisting of whatsoever it may, dureing here her natural Life, then 1 Give the 
Sane to my son Theophilus Thomas to him and his heirs forever-- 

Item I now laave all my plantation tools of ov&ry kind or whatsoever it 

may be and my Axes and hoes, Barrells and hogsheads of Svery kind: and all 
my timber 

1>as,fc Theop 8 Thorrms (Seal) 

C II Pickering 

Mllle Barnes 

Sli ianason 

Which Is already got, to be equally divided Among my wife and three Youngest 
sons that is to Say Mioajah John fr Theophilus, And it is my will and desire 
that the Negroes which I have given unto my two Youngest Sons Shall not be 
hired Out but kept on their Own land in order to make Support for them Tell 
they Shall Arive to the age of fi.lgh.teen then to be © their Own Disoposal to 
them end thoir hairs forever- 
Item It is my will and Desire for all my negroes to be keot together tell 
all my Crop is Got in and Secur'd, and also that all my hoggs that is fit 
for use Shall be fatten'd, and Provision Laid in for all my family as it 



Stands now and if there Shall bo any Ovor, to Sold and the money to Pay 
my taxes and Other Debts 

Test TheopB Thomas (Seal) 

C. H. Pickering 

illie Barnes 
Eli Mason 

Also All my Books to be Divided between my three Youngest Sons and two 
youngest Daughters, and it is my will and Desire that nothing that I given 
to any of ray Children Shall be Sold but Kept for them, toll they Shall be 
able to take it into their poesa scion—- 

And 1 do ho re by make Crdain CorJjtituto and appoint my two Sons lehabod, I 
Micajah Thomas Executors to this my Last mil '■. tostaaont Disannuling all 
Other Kills whatever and this to be only my Last will and Testament 
In '-.itneas whereof I have heronto Sat my hand and Affixt my Coal this £5th 
Day of June A.D, 1303 

Signed ioal'd Delivered ) TheopS Thane (Soal) 

and Acknowledged in ) 

ro sents of us — ) 

C, H. T> i eke ring 

Willie Barnes exors qualified 

.ill Araason 

." County TTovomber Court 1303. 

The within last Will and Testament of Theophilue Thorns doc 53 was oxhi )ited 
in open Court h offered for probate— and was duly proven by th3 oaths of 
C H Pickering- WUHt Barnes and Sli Araaeon the subscribing witawstWJNi thereto- 
and executors therein named were at the same time qualified and letters 
granted— Ordered that tine same be certified and the will racordod 

. corded Book D ) lest 

-age—.. 172 ) iall c C 

Proms 1', C, State Department of Archives and History 

Kdgaeombe County Wills 1758-1830-Vol. IX, v>p 85-88 




In the Name of god Amen. 

I Mary Thomas being of sound mind and memory do make this the 13** 1 Day 
of January One thousand Sight hundred and Ten This my last Will and Testa- 
ment in manner and form folloving Vie- First it is my will That all my 

Just debts be paid for -which Purpose I leave my two negro Wenches One by 
the name of Lucy the Other by the name of Clary and Clary 3 child by the 
name of Raohel one Fideing chair and all my Stock of cattle Sxcept two work 
Stears and my Stock of sheep — - 

Item- I give & bequeath unto my son Micajah Thomas One Walnut Table & one 
candle stand A two of the Best sows ft "igs I h«ve to him and his heirs 
for ever — 

Item- I give ft bequeath unto my son John Thomas, One sow ft Pigs to him and 
hie heirs for ever 

Item- I give and bequeath unto my son Theophilus Thomas one Sorrel Horse 
call** Tobe and one Mule & all the Balance of my Hogs that I have not given 
away Two Feather beds also the hole of the Years provision that is now laid 
up to him and his heirs for ever- — 

Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Elizabeth Cobb One Sorrel Maie 
call? Tab ft half a dozen seting Chairs to her and her heirs for ever — ■ 

Item. I give & bequeath tS^Daughter Nancy Thomas One Bridle ft Saddle also 
three Hundred and Fifty Dollars to School her and board her 

Item I give & bequeath unto my Daughters Obedience Brownrigg Milicent Simms 
'freasey Tartt & Tabitha Simms Five Shillings Each to them and their heirs 
for ever 

Item I give and bequeath unto my two sons Ichabod Thomas and Benjamin 
Thomas five Shillings Each to them and their heirs forever 

Item I give to my son Theophilus Thomas my Yoke of Oxen to him and his heirs 

All the Balance of my Estate I leave to be sold and the money a rising from 
such sale to be Equally Divided between my Three sons Micajah John ft 
Theophilus Thomas 

And I hearby constitute and appoint my son John Thomas Executor to this my 
last will and Testament in Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and 
seal this day and Year above v.ritten 

Signed Sealed and Declared in the ) 

Presence of us who were preasent at ) Mary x Thomas (Saal) 

the time of Signing Sealing and Deliver-) 

ing ) 

James 3arnes 

H Haywood a Ex** qualified 

J?? B Cobb 


Will of Mary Thomas - cont'd 

adgaoosibe County May Court 1310 

The viithin last Will & Testament of Mary Thomas Ceo. was exhibited 
into Court Tor probata and was duly proven by the oath of Henry Haywood 
on© of the subscribing 'fc'itnss sec thereto- And John Thomas the sol© exec- 
utor named in tho said Mil was at the samotirae qualified thereto- 
Ordered that the same ha certified 4 tho will Pecorded. 

Tost 8 Hall C C 

Proai II. C. State Department of Archives and History 
Sd^ccmbe County 'Mills 1753-1830- Vol. IX, r> 82 



Bo it Known to all whom it may Concern, That I Arehilous Barnes of the 
County of ^dgeoomb and State of Iforch-Garolina, Being sick and weak of 
body, yet of a Sound and Disposing mind and Memory, Thanks be to God for 
his Mercies, do mako and Ordain this ray last Will and Testament in Manner 
and form following, Via— 

Imprimis, I lend to my Belov'd Wife ?eggy Barnes tho manner plantation I 
now live on with part of the lands appertaining thereto 7iz. Beginning in 
my own and 3 li s ^$Q^9g i: *3 e AA n § in t ^ a mouth of the Crookod Meadow, 
Thence runing up said Meadow to/and the round-about Come nearest together, 
Thence a Dirjot line to said Round-about Thence up sd Pound-about (the 
Various Courses) to a large Pine,- Thence to the mouth of the lane leading 
thro, the Robertson old plantation, and Continueing on thro, the lane as 
it now runs to tho woods, on the oposlte Side of the plantation Thence a 
Direct line to a Corner a White Oak, Being ay Own Corner, Lemuel Daniels, 
and Slisha woodards VC. Thence from the white Oak Along my Own and Lemuel 
Daniels line, to a Corner a Hickory near my Own fence, Thence alorg my 
own and Lemuel Daniels line near to an old bee-tree which was fell across 
the Great path, Thence a Straight and direct line, Just above my planta- 
tion (so as to just miss the same) to John Barnes's line in the "oquooon- 
thenoo along s. Barnes's and my Own to Jamos Barnes's lino, thence going 
said James Barnes's lino and ray Own to a Corner (I bo leave a Gum) on 
Cotentnea Crook, Thence down s. Crook to 31isha Woodards line, Thonoe along 
s. Woodards line and my Own to the first Station, All which Lands and 
appertainoos I lend (as above) to my Wifo Peggy Barnes, Durolng her Uatural 
livo her- 


Item. 1 Give and Bequeath to my Daughter Suckoy Thomas ono ftogro Girl 
Dose to her and her Hoirs forever, Also One Horse Bridle and Sadte, all 
which she has in possession— Also Two Cows and Ci-.lves, 

Item I Give and Bequeath to my Be loved Son Edwin Barnes the Land whereon 
he now lives, being the Land and plantation formerly occupied by Jonathan 
Robortson,with tho addition of some other Including all my Lr>nds, lying 
below the Dividing line (Which is laid of already, mentioning raning thro 
a lane, and will be hereafter to bo mention' d the Dividing line between my 
two Sons) all which lying below said line in said Tract I give to my Son 
3dwin • his Heirs forever Also I Give to my Son Sdwin Barnes, one ?l3gro 
Girl Nara'd Dinah, also one Horse Bridle and Sadlo which ho has in possession. 
Also two Cows and Celves. Also two Sows and piggs which he has had 

Item I Givo and Bequeath to my Son Aroheloua Barns s, all the Lands, Con- 
tain'd in the manner Plantation, lying above the Dividing line above mention, 
Containing all the Lands before lent to my w'fe to be his and his Heirs for- 
ever, after his Mothers Decease or widowhood. 1 Also Give to my son Arche- 
lous Barnes, One Negro boy JI am' d Jack. Also one Horso Bridle ani Saddle, 
Two Cows and Calves, Two sows and Piggs, one Bed Bedstead and .Furniture 

Item I Give and Beoueath to my Daughter Salle y Barnes, One Negro Girl nara'd 
Beck- Also one Kara Bridle and Sadie, Two Cows and Calves, One Bed Bedstead 
and Furniture 



7* ill of Arohelaus Barnes - cont'd 

Item. My Mil is that my Land lying on White Oak should bo sold by my 
tfxeoutors, Giving Two years crodit and the money arising therefrom to be 
Divided a3 follows Viz. One half I Give to my son iSdwin Samos, t\e other 
half to be Equoally Divided between my two Daughters Sucke t; Salloy, 

Item. I Cive to my son Edwin Barnes, And also to my Daughter Suokoy 
Thoruas, One Bed ft Furniture Sach 

Item, My Will is that my Wife shou'd keep (as a Loan) All ray Property, not 
heretofore Given away as Legacies, Dureing her Natural life or Widowhood, 
And at the Expiration of Either, -All the eaid property (Except my Brandy 
Still, which I, in this place Give and Bequeath to my Son Arohelaus Barnes 
■with the Exception that his Brother ISdwin Barnes shall always have the 
liberty to still hie own liquor without paying any Tool) to be Equeally 
Divided between my four Children Viz Edwin, Archilous, Suokey & Salley.-- 

And I do hereby Constitute males ordain and appoint my Loving son Edwin 
Barnes and my Son in Law lehabod Thomas Executors to this my last Will Rat- 
ifying this A no other to be my Last Bill and Testament 

In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my Hand and Affixed my Seal this 41& 
day of February 1307. 

Seftl*d Sign*d Published and Peeler' d Arohelaus Barnes (Seal) 

by the Testator to be his last Hill 
and Testament, in Presence of us who 
were "resent at the Sealing and 
Signing thereof ~ 

Beni a Amason ... , . „. . 

James Barnes •*>** *° th qualified 

Jesse Farmer 

Edgecombe County February Court 1307. 

Tho within last Will A Testament of Archelaue Barnes deo d was exhibited 
by t tie Executors for probate, and was duly proven in open Court by the oaths 
of Ben^a Amason £ Jaraos Barnes two of the subscribing witnesses thereto- 
And the executors therein named were at the same tine qualified thereto. 
Ordered that the eaae be certified and the will recorded 


a nail c c 

P*AM TT, C. State Department of Archives and History 
Edgecombe County Wi lis 1753-1330, Vol. I, p 38 




In the nans of god Amen I Peggy Barnes of Edgocorab County being of sound 
mind and memory Blessed be god for the eame do make this Instrument of 
Writing my Last will and 'testament in manner Following Viz- 

I Give to my Daughter Susanna Thomas Lly son Arohelaus Barnes & My Daughter 
Salley Tartt ono Feather 3ed bodstead and furniture one to Bach (or one 
apiece) to them and their heirs forever— 

I givo to my Daughter Sally Tartt my now flax whoele to hor and hor heirs 

I give unto my Three Granddaughters Tempa Thomas Pegfey Thomas and •"'olloy 
E. Thomas Ten Pounds 3ach, (or ton apiece) to thom and their heirs for 
ever-- and if one or more of them shou. die before they come to Lawfull 
age or marry the aforesaid Legacies shall go to the Survivor or Survivors 
of them- To her and her heirs forever- 
It is my will that all my property not given away in Lagacies shall be 
sold, and my Just debts be paid— and after the Lagacies paid out already 
given the ballanoe to be Equally divided batmen my Daughter Susanna Thomas 
?.:y son Archelaus Barnes and Sally Tart to them and their hoirs forever 

And I hereby appoint my son Arohelaus Barnes < f ' Ichabod Thomas my ^xors to 
this Last will and Testament in witness whereof I have set my hand and 
3eal this 2^d day March 1316 

Witness hor 

Jomee Barnes -• oy x BarneB (Seal) 

John Brantly mark 

Sdgeoombe County 
August Court 1816 

The last will and Testament of Peggy Barnes dee. was exhibited in 
open Court for Probate, and was proven by the oath of John Brantley one of 
the subscribing witnesses thereto- And Ichabod Thomas one of the Executors 
named in tho said Will, was at the saraotirae qualified thereto- Ordored 
that the same be certified and the Mil reoordad. 

Test, a. Hall C C 

From: I.. C, State Doparfcnent of Archives and History 
idgecombe County V. ill a 1753-1330, Vol. I, p 56 



Book 19, o 437 
Hov. 6, 1829 

Division of the Estate of Ichabod Thomas, deceased, among the heirs- 
Lot 1 - drawn by Bennett Thomas 

Lot 2 - drawn by Morrison Thomae - 50 acres beginning center of 

soma small troos at Lot Ko. 1 

to Bhita Oak Swamp - to the 
corner of the Island. 

Lot 3 - drawn by s'dwin B< Thomas 
Lot 4 - drawn by Margaret Thomas 
Lot 5 - drawn by James Thomas 
Lot 6 - drawn by Tonpe ranee Price 
Lot 7 • drawn by Wald H Thomas 
Lot 8 - drawn by John I Thomas 

Book 22, p 46 
18 Feb 1338 

Susannah Thomas of Edgecombe County 

to T.'illie ^vard of Green County, North Carolina 

Con; iteration 500 dollars, tta bolt of the Dower ia my husbands land set 

Wt to me by the jury reference to said jurys report will more freely 
show - and also Morrison Thomas Lott numbered in the division two end con- 
taining 50 acres which said dower right to lott No. 2 I have hereby sold to 
the said Willie Ward - that I Have good right A lawful authority to give a 
•warranty deed to the said Morrison Thomases lott No. 2 and that I have a 
lawful right to my interest. 

lost: .Washington Barnes 

Frilie Jones 
Proved Oct Court 1838 by Washington Barnes 

The above abstracts are from the Udgaeombs County Courthouse, Tarboro, H. G< 

Warren B« James and Kargaret Thomas 

April 2G, 1830 Thomas Amason (bondsman) 

Proms Cross-index by Hugh B. Johnston of marriage bonds that are in the 
courthouse at Tarboro , 


Sdgecombe County ) 

lion ALL KEN ,3Y , TS, That I Nathan H Rountree am 

held and firmly bound unto Ilutchins G. Burton, Seouire, Governor, *©. or 
his Successors in Office, in the full sura of Five Hundred Pounds current 
Money, to be naid to the said Governor, his Successors or Assigns, for the 
which Payment well and truly to be made and done, we bind ourselves, our 
Heirs, Executors and Administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by 
these presents, sealed with our Seals , and dated this IStii day of September 
Anno Domini 1326. 

The Condition of the above Obligation is such, that whereas the 
above bounden Nathan H Rountree hath made application for a Licence for 
Carriage to be celebrated between Morrison Thomas A Sarah Turner of the 
county aforesaid: Now, in case it shall not anpear hereafter that there is 
any lawful Cause or Impediment to Obstruct tho said Marriage, then the 
above Obligation to be voidj otherwise to remain in full force and virtue. 

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered 

in the presence of N a p oun trae (Seal) 

B* Hearn 

Know all Man by these presents that I Ichabod Thomas and 
3enjanin Amason are held and firmly bound unto his iSxoelienoy Benjamin 
Willi MM esquire Governor lo in the sum of One Hundred Pounds, to which 
payment well and truly to be made to his said Sxcollency or his Successors, 
we bino. ourselves, our Heirs, Saeoutore A Administrators jointly and 
saverally, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our soalc and dated this 
day of ^ 1?99. 

THE CONDITION of the above Obligation is such that Whereas the 
above bound Ichabod Thomas bath this day obtained Lioonce to be joined in 
the 7ioly Estate of Matrimony to Susanna Barnas- 

Now, if there shall be no lawful cause or impediment to obstruct 
said Carriage then the above Obligation to be void; otherwise to remain in 
full force A effect. 

Signed A Sealed in ) Ich d Thomas (Seal) 

presence of us ) 

S V;ren -ienjn Amason 'Seal) 

From? N. C. State Department of Archives and History 
Sdgecorab© County Marriage Bonds 



Edgecombe County ) 

KNOW ALL mm BY THESE PRESENTS, That W»» Morrison Thomas 
and are told and firmly bound unto James Iredell, inquire, 

Governor, &c, or Ms Successors in Office, in the full sum of Five 
Hundred Pounds, current money, to bo paid to tlia said Governor, his Suc- 
cessors or Assigns, for the which payment well and truly to bo made and 
done, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly 
and severally, firmly by these presents* Sealed w;th our seals, and 
dated this 12th day of February Anno Domini 1828. 

I SB CONDITIO! of the above Obligation is such, that 
Whereas the above bounden Morrison Thomas hath isade application for a 
Licence for Marriage to be celebrated between him and Patience B. Horn 
of the County aforesaid? Now, in case It shall not appear hereafter, 
that there is any lawful cause or impediment to obstruct the said Mar- 
riage, then the above Obligation to be voidj otherwise to remain in full 
force and virtue. 

M. Thomas (Seal) 

Signed, sealed, and delivered (Seal) 

in the presence of 

M 1 Heam 

From* N. C. Stat© Department of Archives and History 
Edgecombe County Marriage 3onds - Box T 


3 >, 

Book 4, p 325 
4th Nov 1735 

Janes Amason 

to Theophilus Thomas - both of SdgMOafe* County - - 

25 Lbs. Tract of land containing 400 acres bo .jinninc at a pine La his own 
& Jesse Amasons cornar - to the corner gus in Len&rd Langstons WW list - 
to tho corner a pin© - to a Black Oak - it bains parcel of land granted to 
the said James Amason by grant dated 1779. 

Test: Asa Daniel 

Janes x Sanaa 

Proved Nor Court 1785 by Asa Daniel 

Book 22, p 206 
July 3d, 1838 

Warren £. a arnss and Margaret his wife, both of the State of Alabama, 

Sumptor County 
to '-Willie Ward of 3dgeocrabe County, N. C. - ~ 

Consideration 400 dollars. Tract of lend in County on east side 
of Tosnott 3y;amp, known as lot Wo. 4 drawn by Margaret Barnes in the divi- 
sion of Iohabod Thomas's land, fathe* of the said Margaret Barnes - 
50 l/4 acros, 

V.&rren 3. 3arnos 
Tests Saml Cpeight KargaWt 3arnos 

John J (l) Thomas 

look 22, p 207 
3d July 1338 

Elijah Price & Temperance Price his wife of Sumter Co., Ala. 
to Willie Ward of Bdgaoombe - - 

Consideration 40f5 dollars. Tract of land in Sdgecorabe on the east side of 
Tosnott Swamp known as lot No. 8 drawn by Temperance Price in tho division 
of Ichabod Thomas's land, father to the said Temperance n riee - 50 3/4 acres. 

1 Tests Saml Spolgjbfc g Price 

John J (I) Thomas Temperance Price 

(Note: The "J" and "I" made just alike in this book and oould not determine 
which was the initial of the John Thomas who witnessed the deeds) 

The above abstracts of deeds are all from the deed books in the Office of the 
Register of Deeds, Tarboro, N. C. 


3 lb 



Deed from William Cotton to John Thomas of Edgecombe County. Edge- 
combe County deed in Halifax County Courthouse, Deed Book 3, p 172, 
Hov. 16, 1747. 

Tour of Morgan Sdnarde, 1772-73 (North Carolina Historical Ttoview, 
Yol. VII, So. 3, July, 1930). 

Edgecombe County Court Minutes, September, 17S9. 

"Kill of John Thomas, Edgecombe County, April 21, 1788. 

uclgooombe County minutes of various dates for oivio activities of 
John Thomas. 

Paschal* s History of Rorth Carolina Baptist . 


Items as civen under first gane ration. 

Deed of Gift from John Thomas to son Theophilus, February 20, 1771, 
Edgecombe County Dead Book D, p 304. 

Will of Freda rick Nibble, made in Edgecombe County December 19, 1780. 

l«orth Carolina Revolutionary Aocounte. 

Y»ill of Theophilus Thomas, Edgecombe County, June 25, 1803. 


Will of Theophilus Thomas as listed under sooond generation. 

arriage bond of Iohabod Thomas and Susannah Barnes, 1799. 

U of Archelaus Barnes, Edgecombe County, February 4, 1807. 

11 of Peggy Barnes, Edgecombe County, Harsh 2, 1318. 

dgecomb© County Court Kinutes of various dates fbr the sonrioe of 
Iohabod Thosas as Justice. 

^dgacombe County Court Minutes of January 1826, for death of lehabod 


Edgecombe County Deed Book 22, p 48, for Susannah Thomas, t»idow of 
Iohabod Thomas, still living in 1838. 


Division of estate of Iohabod Thomas, Book 19, p 437, Edgecombe Co. Deeds. 

-cicomb© County marriage bond of Morriton Thomas and Patience B. Horn 



After Morrison Thomas moved to Grenada County, Mississippi, 
his "kinsman", Bryan W. Herring, of Duplin County, North Carolina, 
sent him a copy of the entries from the Bible of Theophilus Thomas, 
grandfather of Morrison Thomas, the Bible then being in possession 
of Bryan V*. Herring's sister, Teracy Barnes of Wilson County. 
This copy, together with letter of transmittal from Bryan W« Herring 
to Morrison Thomas, dated April 5, 1369, became the property of the 
latter' s daughter, Rebecca F. H* Thomas who married Caswell C. ^eote , 
and is now in possession of their son J. L. Peete of Memphis, Tennessee, 
who furnished a photostatic copy to Mr. J. T. Thomas of Cruger, Miss- 
issippi, together with a certified copy of births from the Peete 
Bible . 

Although these records were made available after the genealogy 
was compiled, they are included in the appendix through the courtesy 
of both Mr. Peete and Mr. Thomas. 


St Sister Teraoy Barnes* near Wilson 
Y.'ilson County, IT. C. Monday April 5 th 1869 

Mr Morrison. Thomas Hear Granada Miss 
My Dear friend and Kinsman 

Aocording to promise I now -write you and give you a correet trans- 
script of the births & deaths found on record in an old Bible formerly 
the property of John P.. Thomas Your Uncle -which ivas printed at Oxford in 
England by Thomas Saskett Printer to the MDCCXLXX (1749). But before 
proceeding let me state to you that 1 find two records in the Bible one 
of your grand father and motiier and their children, the other of your 
Uncle John R. Thomas' children including the date of his death no other 
records are to be found in the Book it is muoh mutilated, but could be 
rebound and preserved ana might prove a blessing to future generations, 
it is scarce book boing 120 years old and contains many forms (?) of 
Prayers and oatechisms not found in our present copey of the Bible. 
Sister Teracy and her children are in pretty good health. I left my 
family in good health. My son Needham expects to go to Kentucky in a 
few days on a visit to Benjamin and to find him a home should he like the 
country I expect to stay 

The ages of Theophilus Thomas & 
Mary Thomas his wife 

Theophilus Thomas was Born March the 8th day 1739/ 
Wary Thomas was Born October the 12th day A D 1756 

The ages of Theophilus Thomas & Mary 
Thomas » Children ftt 

Obedience Thomas was Born the 29th of November in the 
Year of our Lord 1771/ 

Millicont Thomas was Born April the 28th Day in the 
year of our Lord 1773— 


Ages of Theophilus Thomas' children - cont'd 

lohabod Thomas was Born November the 8th 1774 
3enjamin Thomas -was Bora April the 16th 1778 
Teresa a Thomas -was Born April the 25th 1780 
Tabitha Thomas was Born August the Ifh. 1782 
Micajah Thomas was Born May/2Sth 1785 
John Thomas was Born September the 20th 1787 
Theophilus Thomas was Born January the 25th 1790 
Elizabeth Thomas r<&s Born November the 17th 1793 
Nancy Thomas vms Born August the 1st 1797 

t aryan 1« Herring of the County of Duplin and state of North Carolina 
do hereby certify that the foregoing is a correct copy of tho original 
as found in an old fsmily Bible now the property of Teras'ja 3arnes and 
Transcribed by me this Tuesday the 6th day of April A. D. 1869 

Bryan '■■• . Herring 

These records from a photostat that Mr. J. L. ^eete, Memphis, Tennessee, 
had made for Mr. J. T. Thomas, Cruger, Mississippi, 1946. 




rJorrieon Thomas the son of Ichabod and Susanna Thomas was born 7th of 
April A. D. 1802. 

""'atioenoe B« Thomas the daughter of John and Asonath Horn was born 
Hay 24th A. D. 1805. 

Caswell C» Peete the son of Thomas and Elizabeth M« Peete -was born 
Sop 16th A. D. 1837. 

Febecca F. H. Peats the Daughter of Morison and Paticenco B« Thomas was 
born Kay 17th A. D. 1841. 

l.*orison Thomas Poets tlio son of Caswoll C. and Rebsoa F. H. Peeta was 
bom Nov 25th A. D. 1858. 

Sen Peete the eon of Caswell 0. Paste and Rebeca F. H. "eote was bora 
Oct 14th A. D. 1860. 

John Caswoll n eote the son of Caswell C. Peots ft Rebecca F. H. Peete was 
born Jan Slat A. D. 1862 



J. L« PE 1TE, being first duly sworn makes oath that the attached 
photostatic copy headed "BIRTHS" purporting to bo a statement as to the 
birth of Morrison Thomas, Patience 3. Thomas, Caswoll C. ?aete, Rebeca 
F. H. Peete, Morrison Thomas Peete, Ben Peete, and John Caswell Peote, is 
a true and correct photostatic copy in a family Bible owned by and in the 
possession of the said J. L. ^eeto which was received by him from his 
parents, Caswoll C. 'eete and Kebeca F. H. Peete, the said Rebeca F. H, 
°eete having been the daughter of Morrison Thomas and Patience 3. Thomas. 

Said Bible has been in the possession of himself and sister, Miss 
lone Peate, for more than forty years and prior to coming into their 
possession was in the possession of Affiant's father and mother, the said 
Caswell C, Peete and wife, Rebeca F. H. Peete. Said Bible was given to 
Affiant's parents at the time of their marriage by the parents of one or 
both of them and lias been continuously in the possession of members of the 
family sinoe that time. 

Sworn to and subscribed before me this J. L. Peete 

7th day of December, 1945. 

L. 2. Farley 
My Commission expires: Notary Public 

Jan. 12, 1948.